It is always an honor to be invited to the sacred space where you choose to birth -- hospital, birth center, or home...

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I respect that honor by providing you and your partner(s) continuous support throughout your pregnancy and birth to help you create a satisfying birth experience.   

"Why do I need a doula when I have a midwife/OB/nurses I love?"

I love that you already have a birth team you’re excited about!  The more people supporting you that you trust the better.  Your doctors/midwives/nurses are there to watch out for both you and for baby… as well as the other families laboring on that day.  If it’s not a particularly busy day for babies (no full moon or big storm), you may have extra support on baby’s birthday, but as a doula I am there only for you before, during, and after birth.  

I will be there to physically and emotionally support you as you determine what your priorities are for birth; share relevant information, activities, and referrals to other professionals when needed to support your birthing goals; and provide comfort measures, including massage, counter pressure, guided visualization, positions and movement, breathing techniques, hot and cold packs, focus points, verbal encouragement, and other logistical support throughout labor.

Research found that women with continuous support during labor and childbirth were more likely to

  • have a spontaneous vaginal birth (give birth without a vacuum, forceps or cesarean surgery),

  • have a slightly shorter labor,

  • have babies that were less likely to have low five-minute Apgar Scores (a health assessment of newborns performed at one and five minutes after birth), and

  • be happier with their childbirth experience overall.  

Birth is too precious… too special… too sacred to feel anything less than respected, heard, supported, and empowered. I would be honored to join you on this amazing journey.   

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