You’re Going to Be a Parent!

If you recently peed on a stick and found out your whole world is about to change and you’re maybe feeling a little nervous (read: terrified) of the hormonal and physical changes of pregnancy, the pain of labor, pooping on the table, your bottom ripping beyond repair, deciding whether you want all of the drugs or not, or are feeling overwhelmed at the unknown of it all, well… you’ve come to the right place.

Hi, I’m Katie!

I know all of those things people love to tell you about birth sound terrifying and I’m sure there have been some absolute (unsolicited) gems shared with you by family, friends, coworkers, random people at the checkout counter, the mail person, etc. BUT what if I told you these aren’t things that should scare you at all?

As a prenatal + postpartum fitness specialist, certified childbirth educator, birth doula, and mother myself, I have the experience to help you feel comfortable during your pregnancy, empowered during your birth, and confident as a new parent.

You are smart, strong, and capable of doing anything you decide you want to do and it’s no different here. Invest in your pregnancy. Invest in your family. Let me help you learn what to expect, prepare a plan (and maybe a plan b) for your pregnancy all from the comfort of your couch and in your stretchiest pants…

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This woman is MAGIC! She helped my husband be there for me in ways he wasn’t with my first. She reassured me that I could just when I thought I couldn’t and reassured me when things were normal. I loved her spirit, positivity, & her love for all the mamas and babies! She may have taken a kick to the face during a contraction but she is an absolute trooper! If you have any doubt about your pregnancy, delivery, or just know you want an amazing motivator by your side, don’t hesitate and just hire Katie!
— Andrea, mom of 2

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Learn more about your pregnancy than what size fruit your baby is this week…