Are you prepared to grow and birth your baby with confidence?

You are smart, strong, and capable of doing anything you decide you want to do and it’s no different here… but do you know WHAT to do?
I help families in all stages of their parenting journeys.
Invest in your pregnancy. Invest in your family. Let me help you learn what to expect, prepare a plan, (and maybe even a plan b) for your pregnancy and birth all from the comfort of your couch and in your stretchiest pants…

5 Days to a Perfect Pregnancy

Did you know… People spend more time researching nursery decor than they do learning about pregnancy, labor, and birth? In this 5-day course, you’ll learn how to eat, exercise, and relax your way to a better pregnancy and birth without the constant overwhelm from unsolicited opinions, needing to consult “Dr. Google,” and the crushing question, “What Else Do I Need To Know?”

hospital birth plan builder.png

Your Hospital Birth Plan Builder
August 5, 2019

Birth with Knowledge, Confidence, and Ease. This comprehensive online childbirth education and preparation course covers everything you need to know about labor, birth, and navigating hospital halls through a step-by-step guide and actionable worksheets to help you plan for and achieve your best birth.