{Birth} Partner Yoga Workshop

{Birth} Partner Yoga Workshop

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Did you know... 

Research has shown that having continuous helpful, loving support creates a better labor experience?  

Partners, friends, family members are all great options, but do they have the tools to support you at the end of your pregnancy and through labor?   

In this 2-hour workshop, moms-to-be and their birth partners will learn

  • realistic expectations for labor and delivery,
  • yogic breathing techniques, 
  • partner poses, and
  • hands on techniques to help Mom from late pregnancy, to early labor, all the way through delivery.  

Now is the time to talk about your desires for your birth, discover which comfort and relaxation techniques work for you, and teach your birth partner how to help you have your best birth.   

$60 per couple

New Dates + Times TBD

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