As a personal trainer and yoga instructor I help you prepare for the physical side of pregnancy and birth through workouts tailored to your changing body. There are many forms of safe and effective strength and flexibility exercises to help you best prepare for birth so choose one that suits you!

MyBirth Prenatal Yoga at Henrico Doctors' Hospital


Thursdays - 6:30pm

The Women’s Hospital knows that yoga helps prepare your mind and body for the journey of birth. Our uniquely designed curriculum helps expectant parents find comfort through pregnancy, while building community and gaining tools to achieve your best birth.

Through the physical postures of yoga, breath work and relaxing meditation, your body and mind will feel ready to bring your baby into the world in whichever way you choose.

We begin each class with a conversation about the current state of our pregnant bodies and then tailor the movements and practice to meet the needs of each participant, finding an experience that can be gentle or challenging as suits the needs for each mother.

Private Sessions

On your schedule 

Private sessions allow us to work together completely at your pace and on your time.  

These lessons are ideal for those who are used to working at a more intense level, but want to learn appropriate modifications to continue their active lifestyle without worry for their or their baby's wellbeing or for those who are just starting out on their fitness journey and need to move at a slower or more moderate pace.   

Prenatal Fitness + Birth Doula Package

Are you physically prepared for your ideal birth?  Are you looking for extra support throughout your pregnancy to get and stay in shape so you are ready for labor, delivery, and the fourth trimester?  Do you need someone who will support you and your birth partner(s) on baby’s birthday?

The Prenatal Fitness + Birth Doula package is the perfect way to get and stay in shape for pregnancy, labor, delivery, and recovery while also building a relationship with me so it feels like a friend instead of just another professional is with you in labor.  

Package Includes

  • TWO personal/small group training or yoga sessions per week or 8 per month

  • ONE prenatal doula check-in with you and your birth partner(s)

  • Optional visit to meet your medical provider or any friends/family you plan to have present at the birth

  • Unlimited availability through text/email throughout your pregnancy (and beyond!)

  • On-call availability between 38 and 42 weeks

  • ONE postpartum visit after birth