build a better birth plan

Get The Necessary Clarity To Plan Your Dream Birth and Prepare For Anything Without Fear or Overwhelm.

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build a better birth plan

Get The Necessary Clarity To Plan Your Dream Birth and Prepare For Anything Without Fear or Overwhelm.

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An actual conversation with your provider about your birth wishes before labor starts.

A perfectly packed hospital bag ready to go.

A clear vision and plan for birthing your baby and everything that comes next.

A transformed sense of confidence because you have the strategies to get everything you want and the knowledge to manage the unexpected.

Leaving for the hospital feeling excited and totally ready to meet your baby.

Holding your baby for the first time and not just feeling love and joy, but also completely empowered!

Does that sound…



Like a fantasy?

It’s definitely not, but I get it…

It’s not like the stories we’ve heard or seen through movies, TV shows, or even jokes are exactly comforting when it comes to birth. But I promise it doesn’t have to be that way.

The trouble is… most people jump on the birth conveyer belt and let it ride.

The little pamphlets that came in the folder at your first prenatal appointment won’t give you questions to ask, clear options, support, or a listening ear.

Your provider may not ever ask you about your wishes for birth.

You might not even know you have options until you find yourself sharing your birth story in a parenting circle and realize yours didn’t have to be that way.

research has shown that one of the most important things that determines your satisfaction with your birth is how much you feel like an active participant and whether or not YOU feel heard.

And I can help you with that!

As a childbirth educator and doula (and a mother who has been there before) my wish (and my job) for all birthing people is that they feel heard, supported, and respected throughout their pregnancies, labors, births, and beyond. (Whatever that looks like for you.)

So I created this comprehensive online childbirth course just for people like you!

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 Get answers to your most burning questions…

Should I have a doula even if I might want an epidural?

What can I do to make labor shorter?

How can I avoid pooping during delivery?

Is there anything I can do to avoid tearing?

Is [this] normal?!

there’s no topic that’s off limits and no such thing as t.m.i.

The Best Part?

You get to learn on YOUR schedule!

+ No more Saturdays spent in a classroom
+ No sitting in an uncomfortable chair until 9pm on a week night
+ No worrying that someone is going to ask you to say the word “perineum” in front of a group of strangers or ask you what it is

Learn from the comfort of your couch underneath your favorite blanket and ask questions from the behind the safety of your computer screen! (Even though I think you should feel free to ask any pregnancy or birth related questions anytime, I get that it can be a little intimidating at first.)

I could not recommend Katie more highly! When I first approached her, I had no idea what I wanted for our birth experience. She shared information, lent me her resources, and helped me educate myself about our options. Katie helped me to feel 100% in control throughout the entire process and my memories of that time are warm, sweet, and overflowing with positive emotion—NOT confused, scared, or helpless. We will no doubt use Katie for future births and I recommend her to anyone interested in wanting more knowledge and control of her own labor and delivery!”
— M.A., first time mom

This Course Is For You If…

+ You’re planning a hospital birth

+You’re planning a birth center or home birth, but want to be prepared in the event of a transfer

+ You want to be a part of your birth, you don’t just want your birth to happen to you

+ You want to be prepared for ALL. The. Things. birth may throw your way

+ You don’t want or can’t afford a doula, but you know you and your partner(s) need to be ready for the job

+ You want to impress your doula with how much you already know

+ You’re looking for a safe space to ask questions

+ You want to look back on your birth with positive emotions instead of confused, scared, or negative feelings

What You'll Learn...

What You'll Learn...

Module 1

Module 1_4.png

Pre-Birth: Everything That Happens BEFORE Labor Day

Including normal physiological birth (i.e. what happens in “the wild” without any interruptions), how hormones affect birth, the role fear plays in having a longer labor, creating the best support team for you, how to know when you’re in labor and more…

Module 2

Module 2_5.png

Labor + Delivery: what happens when you get to the hospital and everything you need to know about your baby’s birth day

Learn the ins and outs of the hospital, all the ways to cope with labor including medical and non-medical options, how to create a birth environment that works for you even in a hospital setting, all about inductions, everything you need to know about cesarean sections and more…

Module 3

Module 3 _BONUS_ C-Section Recovery.png

Recovery: how to take care of yourself after birth

What to expect immediately after birth, while recovering in the hospital, and after you head home including taking care of your bottom after birth, how to communicate with your care team about routine vs necessary procedures, the difference between “baby blues” and postpartum mood disorders, and how to prepare for the postpartum period just as much as you prepare for birth.

*BONUS * A special bonus on cesarean recovery including what recovering in the hospital looks like, how to ease discomfort and speed recovery, and mindset shifts for expected or unexpected cesarean births.

Module 4

Module 4_1.png

Your Newborn: Caring for your new addition

Everything you need to know about caring for your baby including normal newborn appearances and behaviors, common hospital procedures and the benefits and risks of each, feeding your baby (whether you choose to breastfeed, formula feed, breastmilk bottle feed, or any variation on those), when to call your pediatrician and more…

You’ll Also Get…

  • Weekly group coaching calls focused on that week’s module

  • Printable worksheets and documents to take with you to interviews, on hospital tours, or even to stick in your hospital bag to reference while in labor

  • An intimate community of parents to walk with you on this journey

  • a guide to help answer questions and provide guidance and encouragement

    (Talking about pregnancy and birth and supporting new parents is truly my favorite thing to do so you know you’re going to get lots of extra support!)

Katie helped me feel generally less anxious about many things that I was worrying about regarding pregnancy. Besides practicing movements and breathing it was wonderful to be around a group of people going through the same things as me!
— C.A., first time mom

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About Katie

Katie Painter is a pregnancy and childbirth expert who believes that growing and birthing a baby doesn’t have to be so scary.

As a prenatal yoga teacher, childbirth educator, birth doula, and mama of two herself, Katie has helped hundreds of families prepare for confident, empowering, and personalized birth experiences.

Her favorite part of her work is listening to her students’ birth stories and how they put their knowledge into practice to achieve their best births. (The adorable baby pictures aren’t bad either.)

Investing In Your Birth

Investing In Your Birth

Did You Know…

People remember even minute details of their birth experiences DECADES afterward.

They can often recall facts about what they wore, ate, felt, or saw as if it had just happened.

Whether or not those memories are positive or negative has less to do with the type of birth they had — if they had pain medication or not, if it ended in a cesarean surgery, or if it was in a hospital or at home…

Instead, positive birth experiences come from being an active participant.

From being heard, supported, and respected.

From making choices in the process.

But how can you make choices or be an active participant if you don’t know what your options are or what is “normal” anyway?

You can’t!

So while your pregnancy may only last 9 months (or closer to 10) and while your birth may only last a few hours (or days), your birth story will ALWAYS be with you. Wouldn’t you like for it to be a positive one?

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while i’ve been teaching this content live for years, it is making its debut in the online space. So To celebrate, I’m offering the course at a special introductory price.


Bonus Content

Bonus Content

Getting Started Bonus.png

Getting started bonus

A bonus module on navigating the end of pregnancy including information on due dates, how your body and baby are preparing for labor even if the “big day” isn’t for a while, and the best things to do while you eagerly await Baby's arrival.

Affirmations and meditations

All registrants will receive this affirmation deck created by my friends at The House of Roushey as well as recorded guided meditations to go with each card.

“Research has shown that using affirmations during pregnancy can positively affect your thoughts, feelings and actions. But just looking at positive pregnancy affirmations isn't always enough. The more senses you can engage, the more affective they become. So look at them, say them out loud, write them again and again, color them in, and truly embody each phrase. The ways to use these cards are limitless, but we hope they keep you feeling encouraged and empowered.” — Christy Roushey

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Altogether you get…

  • Comprehensive childbirth education from the comfort of your home

  • personalized support from a childbirth expert and birth doula





  • Additional resources to round out your birth education

  • The Getting Started bonus: navigating the end of pregnancy

  • The Womb in Bloom affirmation deck and guided meditations to go with each card

for the limited time introductory price of $197.


I Can’t Wait to Work With You and Your Growing Family!

It is truly such an honor to guide parents-to-be through this crazy ride.

My own pregnancies and births were some of the most powerful and wonderful experiences of my life and I owe much of that to MY guides and support.

Now I pay that forward to new parents everywhere.

If you have any questions, please reach out. You can email me at or find me on Facebook or Instagram and message me there!