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"Where Have You Been & What Are You Doing Now?"

Hi, friends! Long time no chat.

The last time I wrote I was about a month into my 200 hour yoga teacher training and I had every intention of keeping you updated on that journey, but as I dove deeper into that adventure two things became clear: 1) I was not willing to sacrifice anymore time with my family (and daughter who was too quickly for my liking about to turn one) and 2) it wasn't an experience that could easily be put into words or shared.

Many people say teacher training is life changing, but I would actually say it was life enhancing.  I went to training hoping to be able to teach a different kind of class and came out with so much more, including a better sense of who I am as a trainer and where I want to focus my time.

YTT Grad

Coming into the final stretch of yoga teacher training AND my daughter's first year at the same time made it perfectly clear what my next move would be... prenatal yoga teacher training.  So I signed up for an intensive two and a half week training in NYC where I commuted from NJ into the city.  Monday through Friday.  7am to 7pm.  I said it before and I'll say it again... the right trainings are life changing.  To be surrounded and supported by such strong and wonderful women while LEARNING about how strong and wonderful women are was magical.  Made all the more magical by actually being pregnant during the training.

That's right!  Seven to nine weeks pregnant, height of nausea, exhaustion, and all the other first trimester goodness right in the middle of 12 hour days.  (Shout out to all the working mamas who do that for nine months.  Hats off to you ladies!)

So for the last few months I've been home, working on my site behind the scenes, and getting ready to take on new clients all while growing a tiny human on the side.  (No biggie.)

Big Sister thinks Little Sister is in my belly button.

I'm now 21 weeks pregnant with Baby Girl Number 2 and I'd love to have you follow along on this pregnancy journey (and share your own stories with me as well!) and stay tuned for more healthy tips, tricks, meditations, and maybe even some recipes (though full disclosure the only thing I've wanted to eat for five months now are potatoes).

Go ahead and click around the updated website to see what else is new and consider signing up for the Happy Healthy Holidays challenge!  We started on Sunday, but it's never too late to join!

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Part I: Resolutions

Happy healthy holidays With only days left in 2015, I'm sure many of you have started thinking about New Year's resolutions and all the things you hope to accomplish in 2016.

Can I tell you a secret? I kinda wish you wouldn't...

Look, setting goals is important.  Goals give you long-term vision and short-term motivation and those are great things!  The problem with goal setting is that it often puts the destination above the journey and – especially in the health and fitness world – there is no destination. Consistency is the key!

You can eat steamed chicken and broccoli and hit the gym everyday until you have a six-pack, but as soon as you give that up (because let’s face it, that’s not sustainable) then it’s back to square one.

In order to be truly successful in the long run, you have to adopt this as a lifestyle.

But you know the old saying, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."  So make a plan!

That doesn’t mean your plan needs to be "follow a strict diet and schedule."  In fact, when we make plans and forget to build in flexibility, we fail because we weren’t really prepared.  So plan for what you will do when you travel.  Plan for the days when you get stuck working late.  Plan for an injury that would keep you from doing certain exercises.  Plan for any issues you think may get in your way.  Plan on giving yourself some wiggle room when friends or family come to town or you go on vacation.  Know your plan and know how to put it into action when you need it.  That is structure with flexibility.  That is how you make this a lifestyle.

So as long as you promise not to make this year’s resolution all or nothing, tomorrow I’ll teach you how to set SMART goals and the steps to take to reach them.




Workout Wednesday: Veterans Day

thank you In between the posts about red Starbucks cups and bragging about having the day off to sleep in (or being angry that you don't have the day off), I hope you'll take a minute to not only thank current and former military members for their service, but to think about what they have to do just to serve.

Few of us can say that being in peak physical condition is a job requirement, but it is for these men and women.  Could you imagine having to run 3 miles in less than 30 minutes to keep your job?  I'm a fitness professional and that's not even a requirement for me!

Here's a look at the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) Requirements for the Marines:

Pull-ups (males only):  Score is determined by how many pull-ups you can complete before dropping off the bar.

Flexed-Arm Hang (females only): Score is based on how long you can hang maintaining elbow flexion.

Abdominal Crunches:  Score is determined by the number of crunches you can do in the 2-minute time limit.

3-Mile Run:  Score is determined by how long it takes to complete the run.

Source: MARINE CORPS ORDER 6100.13 W/CH 1

My challenge for you on this special Workout Wednesday is to take a "walk" in their boots and give this a try!

Could you pass?



Try-Day Friday: BODYFLOW

Try-Day Friday is back already, ladies & gents! I had a hard time getting into the gym for my own workouts last week. Our family schedule was packed and I just couldn’t find the time to leave the house for a long enough stretch. Sound familiar? I hear you… I really, really do.

So instead of saying, “Oh well!” and throwing in the towel, I signed up for a free trial of Les Mills on Demand and took a brand new-to-me class in my own living room.

I had never taken a BODYFLOW® class before and now I can’t believe I waited so long to try it! If you don’t know anything about BODYFLOW®, it’s a yoga-based class that incorporates elements of Tai Chi and Pilates to help students “improve mind, body and life.”

One of the most important aspects of yoga – and one that I struggle with the most – is linking breath to the movement. BODYFLOW® is a game changer for me here! In a quiet studio or practicing to ambient music I have a tendency to focus more on the moves and less on the breath. But the choreography in this class flows perfectly with the music, making it easier to remember to inhale and exhale on the beat.

I can’t wait to get to an actual class soon!




Try-Day Friday: SURF FIT

I. Had. THE. Most fun workout at Turn - Cardio Jam Studio this week! It’s a little bit of a tease getting on a surfboard in mid SURF FIT poseOctober, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Surf F.I.T. starts after Dance Trance Tuesday nights at Turn so the second you walk in the door you walk into the end of a dance party. Seriously… dark room, colored flashing light, the whole sh’bang. And if that doesn’t get your amped up to ride some imaginary waves I don’t know what will.

Fortunately, the lights come back on for Surf F.I.T. because I could hardly balance without the flashing lights at first. 

The F.I.T. in Surf F.I.T. stands for Fun Interval Training and that is exactly what this class was. We did squat presses, lunges, planks, mountain climbers, bicycle crunches, rows and more all while trying to keep our balance on the constantly moving board. I was laughing so hard I didn’t even realize how sweaty I was until my palms got so slippery I almost face planted.

Whether you’re a fitness newbie or a vet looking for something to get you excited about working out, this is definitely a class you want to try!SURF FIT