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Part III: Resolutions

Happy healthy holidays

If you missed Part I or Part II, check them out and then jump in here.

As some of you know, I start a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in a week and a half.  (You can read about that HERE if you're interested.)  Before we meet for the first time, we are required to read The Bhagavad Gita.  In it, there is a verse that reads:

You have the right to work, but never to the fruit of work.

In short, we have control over our work and actions, but we have no command over our results.

A bodybuilder can be completely dedicated to her diet and exercise, but still not place in a competition.  You can put in long hours in the office and produce excellent work, but still not get the promotion you were working for.

That's why we don't want to put the destination above the journey!  When you fall in love with the process, you'll find results.

Did you decide what it is you want in 2016?  What do you want your future-self to be like next year?  We may not be able to control the outcome, but we can help influence that outcome by answering these five questions:

  1. What is my desired outcome?
  2. What can I DO to make progress?
  3. What will help me be consistent?
  4. What obstacles will I face?
  5. Who will support me?

A-ha!  Kinda sounds like we're setting a goal and making a plan, huh?  So get to it!

And when you stumble -- because you will... we all do -- just picture that fabulous, future-self looking back on her year with the accomplished smile of someone who went after what she wanted with her whole heart and setting even bigger goals for 2017 because she knows she can.

Happy New Year, friends!




Part II: Resolutions

Happy healthy holidays Yesterday I told you that as long as you promised not to make this year’s resolution all or nothing, I would teach you how to set SMART goals and we would talk about the steps to take in order to reach them.

SMART goals are: Specific Measureable Attainable Relevant Time-bound

(Get it… they spell smart!)

The point is to take vague, hard-to-reach ideas (like “I want to be in better shape”) and turn them into realistic objectives (like “I want to be able to squat x-amount and run a mile in under x-minutes).

You may already have a goal in mind.

I want to run a marathon!  

This is going to be the year I get six pack abs! 

But before you set your SMART goal in stone, I want you to ask yourself a simple question:  Why?

WHY do you want to run a marathon? (Is it because you love running or because the runners you see look fit?WHY do you want to lose weight? (Is it because you think leaner = happier? It usually doesn't.)

Determining your "why" can help you nail down what it is you actually want.

{To be clear, both of those goals are perfectly fine, but I want you to set them for the right reasons.  And remember... looking healthy and being healthy aren't always the same thing.}

Ready for a little holiday homework?

Imagine your fabulous, future-self a whole year later getting ready for 2017. How does she feel?  What does the space around her look like?  What are her hobbies?  What kind of relationships does she have?  You get the idea!  Write these things down and determine what it is you want this year. {Hint: these don't have to be fitness related!}

Need some accountability?  Put it out there!  Tell me what you're going after this year in the comments!

Then check back tomorrow for the final part of the Resolution series where we talk about ways to influence outcomes in the most positive way!




Part I: Resolutions

Happy healthy holidays With only days left in 2015, I'm sure many of you have started thinking about New Year's resolutions and all the things you hope to accomplish in 2016.

Can I tell you a secret? I kinda wish you wouldn't...

Look, setting goals is important.  Goals give you long-term vision and short-term motivation and those are great things!  The problem with goal setting is that it often puts the destination above the journey and – especially in the health and fitness world – there is no destination. Consistency is the key!

You can eat steamed chicken and broccoli and hit the gym everyday until you have a six-pack, but as soon as you give that up (because let’s face it, that’s not sustainable) then it’s back to square one.

In order to be truly successful in the long run, you have to adopt this as a lifestyle.

But you know the old saying, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."  So make a plan!

That doesn’t mean your plan needs to be "follow a strict diet and schedule."  In fact, when we make plans and forget to build in flexibility, we fail because we weren’t really prepared.  So plan for what you will do when you travel.  Plan for the days when you get stuck working late.  Plan for an injury that would keep you from doing certain exercises.  Plan for any issues you think may get in your way.  Plan on giving yourself some wiggle room when friends or family come to town or you go on vacation.  Know your plan and know how to put it into action when you need it.  That is structure with flexibility.  That is how you make this a lifestyle.

So as long as you promise not to make this year’s resolution all or nothing, tomorrow I’ll teach you how to set SMART goals and the steps to take to reach them.




Overcoming Fear

Fear is boring, because fear only ever has one thing to say to us, and that thing is: "STOP" – Elizabeth Gilbert This topic has presented itself to me in the universe over and over again lately so I figured it's time to address it.

When was the last time you did something that scared you? And I don’t mean an artificial scare like watching a horror movie that made you sleep with the lights on for a night or two. I mean something that truly challenged and changed you.

The last terrifying thing I did was hit “Publish” on this post.

And I fight that fear every time I have something to write here or share with you.

“What if no one cares?” “What if this makes me look stupid?” “How long until people realize I am so far from perfect?”

Or the biggest one…

“What if I fail?”

I’ve wanted to start this page for over a year, but the fear of failing made me stop before I even tried.

As a second grader I SO badly wanted to play baseball, but one of the boys said I would have to wear the whole uniform including a cup {what?!} and then I was afraid I would look ridiculous as the only girl on the team.

That was the first time I remember letting fear stop me from doing something I was otherwise excited about. Since then I’m sure there have been hundreds. But that ends now. I don't want to miss out on any other moments because I'm too afraid. How boring is that?!

So these are my questions for you today… what are you afraid of? What were you excited about, but were too afraid to do? Do you want to go to your first BODYPUMP class? Do you want to run a marathon? Do you want to leave a completely toxic job and find your passion?

Are you going to let fear bully you for one more day or are you going to kick that bastard as hard as you can right in the teeth, Walter White style?

I thought so...



100 Days

There are 100 days until New Year’s Eve. 100days Only 100 days until the end of another year.

Did that make you want to blow the dust off of all the resolutions you swore you’d keep this year?

New Year’s Eve 2014 I was 22 weeks pregnant with my first baby and since I definitely didn’t know what to expect, I decided my only resolutions for 2015 would be to continue enjoying my pregnancy and to do my best to go with the flow once our girl made her arrival. (A somewhat difficult task for this Type A lady.)

Now that this year is coming to an end and it seems as if we’ve found our flow as a family of three, I’ve been looking back on some of the other “resolutions” I’ve made and the things I said I wanted to try, do or finish but never got around to. I gotta tell ya I didn’t like how long that list was…

I had been sitting on this nutrition consultant certification for well over a year; I wanted to start a business page, but every time I went to start I would quit after not being able to decide if I was a Local Business, Company or Public Figure (excuses much?); I wanted to blog; I’ve been dying to try some of my fit friends’ classes and my body NEEDS yoga, but I’ve never made the time.

But there are 100 days until New Year’s Eve.

There are 100 days left to make 2015 the best year ever. To make 2015 the year you actually met the goals you set.  You don’t have to wait until next year. You don’t even have to wait until next Monday!

I finished studying for my nutrition certification and passed. Here’s my new blog.  This week I’ll start to schedule some of those classes I’ve been meaning to try.

No more excuses.

Today is Day 1 of 100.

What have you been putting off that you want to accomplish this year? What are you going to do with your 100?