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Try-Day Friday: BODYFLOW

Try-Day Friday is back already, ladies & gents! I had a hard time getting into the gym for my own workouts last week. Our family schedule was packed and I just couldn’t find the time to leave the house for a long enough stretch. Sound familiar? I hear you… I really, really do.

So instead of saying, “Oh well!” and throwing in the towel, I signed up for a free trial of Les Mills on Demand and took a brand new-to-me class in my own living room.

I had never taken a BODYFLOW® class before and now I can’t believe I waited so long to try it! If you don’t know anything about BODYFLOW®, it’s a yoga-based class that incorporates elements of Tai Chi and Pilates to help students “improve mind, body and life.”

One of the most important aspects of yoga – and one that I struggle with the most – is linking breath to the movement. BODYFLOW® is a game changer for me here! In a quiet studio or practicing to ambient music I have a tendency to focus more on the moves and less on the breath. But the choreography in this class flows perfectly with the music, making it easier to remember to inhale and exhale on the beat.

I can’t wait to get to an actual class soon!