I’m officially 30 weeks pregnant and OVER. IT.  And by "it" I mean everything

I spilled a bag of pastina on the kitchen floor the other day and cried about it. 

Like I said… Over. It.

So in an effort to save my sanity since I still have 10ish weeks to go before a different kind of craziness sets in, I decided to make this a week of self-care. 

Buh-Bye Facebook.

I removed Facebook from my phone because I’m – wait for it – OVER IT!  Too much anger, not enough pictures of delicious food, kittens, puppies, or baby cheeks.  I definitely have a problem and have still popped on from my laptop, but I stopped scrolling every 10 minutes (oh who am I kidding… every 2 minutes).     


To keep my paws off my phone and reloading Facebook, I started knitting again.  My good friend taught me how to knit back in high school and I’ve been an on-again off-again knitter ever since. 

I started this blanket right after Thanksgiving and finally got around to finishing it this week. 

Then I started this hoodie that probably won’t fit my kid’s big head, but it’s cute and I love it anyway.  (Good thing I’m having another girl… I’ll just subject her to my first sweater attempt.)  Knitting has been a great “moving meditation” since it forces me to be in the moment, paying full attention to my work instead of spacing out. 


My husband worked from home on Friday, which allowed me to take a little nap after teaching a 6am class.  And by a little nap I mean I passed out on the couch from 8:30am until 12:30pm.  I was sorry to miss a playdate with friends, but they get it.  So I slept.  Then I got another 30ish minutes on Saturday after my classes.  Since I don't sleep very well at night anymore now, naps are golden.   


Do you know what this 30-week pregnant woman misses more than beer or sushi or cold deli meats combined?  Lying on her stomach!   Another sweet friend gifted me a float at Vitality Float Spa where I got to lounge in a large tub full of Epsom salt water.  It felt SO nice to roll “on” to my tummy for a while.  Add in some relaxing music and soft to no lighting and I’m hooked.   


Pregnancy and veggies haven’t really mixed well for me until recently.  I mostly wanted cheesy bread the whole time, but I’ve finally gotten my appetite for my “normal” foods back and it’s made a HUGE difference in how I feel… even if I do wash them down with a cookie or two. 

Lots of Yoga.

To be fair, I taught instead of took this week, but watching people smile as they leave a class feeling refreshed and reset helps ME feel refreshed.  So if you came to my prenatal class on Saturday, my first yoga class at Turn this morning, or my restore ride at BOHO this afternoon, please know that you helped to fill my cup this week. 

What do you do when you feel like you're losing your mind?  Do you have a self-care routine?  What does it look like?