NaniMilk was my Nani’s – my great grandmother’s – drink of choice. I don’t know why that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think about her. Maybe it’s because when she fell a few years ago and broke her leg at 102, she was so healthy and strong they did the surgery anyway. She even walked again after that, though not often and only with help. But her defiance and determination were unmistakable as I watched her stand up from her chair and make her way to where she wanted to go (much to the chagrin of my grandmother… her only daughter).

The life she lived and the stories she could tell were incredible. She came to America through Ellis Island at 6 years old, she grew up in a whole new world, she got married and raised a family. She was the sweetest woman you had ever met and she was a world-class ball breaker. She was alive when the titanic sank. She remembered the great depression and when telephones and TVs in the house were a rarity. And these are just the stories we had talked about! Can you imagine all of the experiences and memories she had racked up in almost 105 years?

I will never forget her forceful determination to keep moving. To never give up.

So in her honor... I will keep moving. I will never give up. And I will have a glass of milk.

Rest in peace, Kate.